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[Korea] Welcome to Taean’s Flower Festival for the Summer!

  • Date06/28/2013
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#1. Taean-gun, one of the most famous summer getaways in Korea, is currently holding the Taean Flower Festival. This summer, the festival's theme is lilies.

#2. Orange Brunellos and dark red Black Outs have blossomed earlier than other lily varieties, and provide a beautiful contrast with the light blue skies.

#3. Visitors take leisurely walks along the paths surrounding the lily fields while taking in the delightful scent of the flowers.

#4. Sit under the shade of trees to escape from the summer heat or walk along the rows of pine trees and feel the cool sea breeze at the nearby beach.

#5. It is not easy to come across a festival as colorful as the Taean Flower Festival. You can enjoy the festival and also explore the beautiful west coast scenery at the same time if you visit Taean.

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Taean Flower Festival

☞TAEAN F Festival 2013
☞ TAEAN F Festival 2013 Begins June 22
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