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[Korea] Kyobo and KTO Collaborate for “Books on Korea” Section

  • Date06/25/2013
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Korea Tourism Organization has a “Books on Korea” section on the Visit Korea website to provide informative resources to interested travelers and individuals. The Books on Korea section includes 102 books written in or translated into foreign languages and published in Korea, and provides summaries with detailed information including each book’s contents, a preview, and where to buy.

Kyobo and KTO also collaborated for a special event that started on June 17. Kyobo Bookstore’s Jongno branch has organized a “Books on Korea” corner aimed at providing an easy and convenient way for foreign travelers and residents to find more information on travel in Korea, and is including a tourism information brochure and tourist map with each purchase. Kyobo is also offering a special discount for Books on Korea purchased through its website.

More info

[Books] (English)
Event Period: June 17 – July 14 (the event period subject to change)
Venue: Kyobo Bookstore Jongno Branch
[Online Kyobo Bookstore] (Korean)

Courtesy of Korean Tourism Organization Publications Team