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[Korea] The 2013 Rainy Season Starting from Korea’s Jungbu Region

  • Date06/19/2013
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This year’s Korean rainy season, known as jangma in Korean, just started.

Jangma started in Jungbu (Central Region) on the night of June 17, and is expected to move southward steadily as it rains throughout the country on June 18 and 19. The most surprising aspect of this year’s jangma is that it started in the Jungbu Region and not on Jeju Island where it usually does, an occurrence that has not happened for 32 years.

This year’s starting date arrived twelve days sooner than last year and a week sooner than the yearly average. The rainy season tends to last for one month and is often paired with the summer heat.

Visitors planning to visit Korea during the rainy season are advised to check the weather forecast frequently.

○ Weather forecast from the end of June to the middle of July

End of June Heavy rain is expected, differing in each region.
Temperature is expected to be similar to the other years (20-24℃) but the amount of precipitation is expected to be higher than the yearly average (45-134mm).
Beginning of July A lot of cloudy days are expected.
Temperature is expected to be similar to other years (22-25℃) and so is the amount of precipitation (61-126mm).
Middle of July Hot and humid weather is expected.
A higher temperature (23-25℃) and similar amount of precipitation (71-173mm) are expected compared to the yearly averages.

○ 30-year long average of jangma period by region (1981~2010)

Region Starting Date Finish Date Length (days)
Jungbu (Central) Region June 24-25 July 24-25 32
Nambu (Southern) Region June 23 July 23-24 32
Jeju Island June 19-20 July 20-21 32

○ 2011 & 2012 jangma period by regions

Region Starting Date Finish Date Length(day)
Jungbu (Central) Region June 22 | June 29 July 17 | July 17 26 | 19
Nambu (Southern) Region June 10 | June 18 July 28 | July 10 31 | 30
Jeju Island June 10 | June 18 July 10 | July 17 31 | 30

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