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[Korea] Chuncheon Int’l Mime Festival Starts May 19

  • Date05/07/2013
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[Photo Credit: Chuncheon International Mime Festival 2013]

Chuncheon International Mime Festival 2013, one of three main international mime festivals in the world, will take place at downtown locations including Chuncheon Culture & Art Center in Hyoja-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do Province and Chuncheon-si Children’s Center in Samcheon-dong from May 19 to 26.

Approximately 1,100 artists from eight different countries including South Korea, Belgium, Spain, and Germany will participate in the 25th International Mime Festival this year. Standout performances and events have made waves within and outside of the festival each year. This year’s slogan is “Go Crazy for the Festival,” and there will be about 90 different tactile, far-out and experimental performances throughout the week.

The festival also includes things to see and do such as impromptu street performances and water splashing events. The opening performance is “The Old King,” which originated in Belgium. Admission for the opening performance is 15,000 won. The festival includes events with admission fees and events that are free of charge.

More info

<Chuncheon International Mime Festival 2013>
Venue: Chuncheon Culture & Art Center in Hyoja-dong Chuncheon-si Gangwon-do, Chucheon-si Children’s Center in Samcheon-dong, Jungang-ro and other locations
Period: May 19 to 26, 2013
Main Programs
 Programs Date & Time Venue Price
Opening Performance
<The Old King>
May 19 17:00
May 20 20:00
Chuncheon Culture
& Art Center
15,000 won
*(over the age of 19)
Water splashing event <Mess> May 19 12:00 – 14:00 Jungang-ro
in Chuncheon-si
Dokkebi Nanjang
(58 performances)
May 24 20:00 – 02:00
May 25 13:00 – 05:00
Outside Chuncheon-si Children’s Center &
Waterfront park
Adults 20,000 won
Teenagers 15,000 won
*<Dokkebi Nanjang> + <Crazy Friday> Admission Fees

*Teeangers are not permitted to participate in <Crazy Friday>

Crazy Friday
(23 performances)
May 24 22:00 – 05:00
May 25 22:00 – 02:00
Inside Chuncheon-si Children’s Center
* Nanjang: A crowded place where many people crowd together and mill about

Ticket Purchase: Tickets can be purchased on site or online
Opening Performance Ticket Purchase (Korean)
    Dokkebi Nanjang + Crazy Friday (Korean)
Homepage: Chuncheon International Mime Festival (Korean, English)
                      Chuncheon Tour (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Inquiries: +82-33-242-4585 (Korean, English)
1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Courtesy of Chuncheon International Mime Festival