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[KTO] KTO Names Singer Jay Park Honorary Ambassador for ‘R-16 KOREA’

  • Date04/29/2013
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Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has selected the singer Jay Park as an honorary ambassador for this year’s R-16 Korea. KTO will hold an appointment ceremony for Jay Park on May 5 at the Korea Tourism Organization’s headquarters in Seoul, Korea.

R-16 Korea is one of the world’s five major b-boy competitions along with Germany’s Battle of the Year, UK’s B-boy Championship, Freestyle Session of the US, and the Red Bull BC One. For R-16 Korea 2013, b-boy crews from 20 different countries will compete with each other in a tournament style championship that will be held on July 13-14 at Olympic Hall inside Seoul’s Olympic Park.

Jay Park, whose Korean name is Park Jaebeom, is a former member of the popular K-pop group 2PM. He is also a member of the b-boy crew A.O.M (Art of Movement) and with his appointment this year by KTO, will serve as an honorary ambassador for a third consecutive year at this b-boy event.

The Freestyle Session Korean Qualifier is scheduled to take place before the honorary ambassador appointment ceremony.

More info

☞ Honorary ambassador appointment & Freestyle Session
Date & time: May 5, 2013, (14:00-18:20)
Venue: Korea Tourism Organization T2 Madang 10 Da-dong Jung-gu Seoul-si

☞ R-16 Korea 2013
Date & time: July 13-14, 2013 (18:00-21:00)
Venue: Olympic Hall at Seoul Olympic Park
Directions: Olympic Park Station (subway line 5), Exit 3 / Mongchontoseong Station (subway line 8), Exit 1, Walk straight for approx. 10 minutes)
Tickets prices: 50,000won (R section), 20,000won (S section), 10,000 (A section), 20,000won (Standing section)
Age limit: 12 years and above
Ticket reservation: R-16 Korea website (
* Interpark will also sell tickets, English)
Homepage:, English, Japanese, Chinese)
1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization