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[Korea] The 100 Best Spring Flower Paths in Seoul

  • Date04/04/2013
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The Seoul Metropolitan Government has released a list of 100 spring flower lined paths in Seoul that are good for family outings during spring.

The list includes 36 paths that are inside parks, 30 roadside paths, 31 paths along streams, and 3 greenbelts. The paths are divided into five categories including “Best Spring Outing Places,” “Best Scenic Drives,” “Best Places for Walking and Exercise,” “Best Places to See Exotic Flowers,” and “Best Spring Flower Festivals.”

In the “Best Spring Outing Places” category, large parks that are conveniently located, with places to eat, and various things to enjoy were selected such as the Jungnang Camp Ground, Dream Forest, Ttukseom Seoul Forest, and Seoul Grand Park. Some small mountains and parks in downtown Seoul were also selected including Boramae Park in Dongjak-gu, Seoul National Cemetery, Seodaemun Ansan Mountain Park, Songpa Naru Park (Seokchon Lake), and Seoseoul Lake Park.

The “Best Scenic Drives” include Jongno-gu’s Inwangsan Mountain path that is lined with light pink colored cherry blossom flowers, Walkerhill Road in Gwangjin-gu, Gomdallae-ro Street in Gangseo-gu, and Geumcheon-gu’s Beotkkot-ro Street.

In the “Best Places for Walking and Exercise” category, the Hangang River, Jungnangcheon Stream, Bulgwangcheon Stream, Anyangcheon Stream, and Cheonggyecheon Stream were listed, and among the “Best Places to See Exotic Flowers,” the Seoul Iris Garden, Cheonggyecheon-ro Street, Sinteuri Park in Yangcheon-gu, and Jungnang Camp Ground were selected.

The “Best Spring Flower Festivals” category includes Cheonho Park, Yeouido Hangang Park and Ttukseon Hanagang Park, which are both on the Hangang River, Namsan Park, which hosts the Million Person Walking Festival.

The complete list of places is available at Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Visit Seoul website (

Courtesy of Seoul Metropolitan Government