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[Korea] Thai Tourists to Enjoy April Snow Festival in Gangwon-do

  • Date04/04/2013
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An estimated 1,100 tourists from Thailand are to take part in the April Snow Festival at Yongpyeong Resort, Gangwon-do Province from April 12 to 15. The festival coincides with Thailand’s Songkran (New Year) celebration that takes place every year from April 13 to 15.

The April Snow Festival was developed by the Gangwon-do Provincial Government and Korea Tourism Organization with the themes of "snow" and "flowers" for Thai tourists who do not have the opportunity to experience snow in their country. The festival’s activities and events include a snow sledding race, Korean traditional performance, and recreational programs. The festival also includes tour programs for participants to visit nearby tourist attractions such as Seoraksan Mountain, the East Coast, Woljeongsa Temple and Olympic Stadium, constructed for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

The festival is also expected to boost Gangwon-do’s tourism programs beyond its current top attractions of Namiseom Island, the city of Chuncheon, and Seoraksan Mountain. Festival organizers hope that the festival will be popular with Thai tourists, as it offers opportunities to enjoy the snow, skiing and winter sports unavailable in the Southeast Asian country. In conjunction with the April Snow Festival, there are plans to expand tourism programs to involve participation by Hallyu Stars, ski events with celebs, and a ski tour program for Chinese tourists.