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[Korea] [Suncheon Bay Garden Expo: D-30] Explore Jeolla-do With an Expo ticket!

  • Date03/26/2013
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[Photo Credit: Suncheon Metropolitan Government (lower left)]

The 2013 Suncheon Bay International Garden Exhibition will kick off in 30 days. Amid the busy preparations, more good news has been announced: expo admission ticket holders will receive free entry or discounts on admission tickets to popular tourist attractions in the Jeolla-do Province area.

Expo ticket holders will receive free entry to major attractions in Suncheon-si including Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park (Field of Reeds) (순천만 자연생태공원), Naganeupseong Folk Village (낙안읍성민속마을), and Ppurigipeunnamu Museum (순천시립 뿌리깊은나무 박물관), and attractions in Yeosu-si including Jinnamgwan Hall (여수 진남관), Odongdo Island (오동도) in Yeonggwang-gun, and Birthplace of Baekje Buddhism (백제불교최초도래지). Major temples, museums and experience halls in Jeolla-do Province will provide 17-50% discounts on admission tickets to expo participants.

2013 Suncheon Bay International Garden Exhibition is the first international event to be held in Korea under the theme of environment and ecology. It is slated to run for six months, starting on April 20.

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<Tourist attractions in Jeolla-do that provide free entry or discounted admission>
☞ Places that provide discounted admission

Area Destinations (discount rates)
Mopo-gun Mokpo Natural History Museum (목포자연사박물관) (50%), etc.  
Boseong-gun Taebaek Mountain Range Literature Museum (태백산맥문학관) (25%),
Tea Museum of Korea (한국차박물관) (25%),
Daehan Dawon Tourist Tea Plantation (Boseong Green Tea Plantation) (보성녹차밭 대한다원) (33%), etc.
Hwasun-gun Kumho Resort Hwasun Aquana (20%), Unjusa Temple (운주사) (17%), etc.
Haenam-gun Duryunsan Cable Car (두륜산케이블카) (25%), Ttangkkut Marine Natural History Museum (땅끝해양자연사박물관) (33%), etc.
Muan-gun Muan Tidal Wetland Research (무안생태갯벌센터) (50%), Hodam Aerospace Exhibition (50%)  
Jangheung-gun Jangheung Jeongnamjin Astronomical Observatory (장흥 정남진 천문과학관) (50%), Jeongnamjin Observatory (정남진 전망대) (50%), etc.
Gokseong-gun Steam Engine Train and Rail Bike along Seomjingang River (From Old Gokseong Station to Gajeong Station) (섬진강기차마을) (30%), etc.

Other areas in Jeolla-do

Major temples in Jeolla-do: 50% discount
Seonamsa Temple (선암사), Songgwangsa Temple (송광사), Hwaeomsa Temple (화엄사), Daedunsa Temple (두륜산 대흥사), Geumsansa Temple (금산사), etc.

☞ Places that provide free entry

Area Destinations
Suncheon-si Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park (Field of Reeds) (순천만 자연생태공원), Naganeupseong Folk Village (낙안읍성민속마을), Ppurigipeunnamu Museum (순천시립 뿌리깊은나무 박물관),Suncheon Drama Film Set, etc.
Yeosu-si Odongdo Island (오동도), Jinnamgwan Hall (진남관), Hamel Museum (하멜 전시관), etc.
Gwangyang-si Okryongsaji (Okryong Temple Site, 옥룡사지), Gwangyang Cheong Maesil Farm (광양 청매실농원), etc.

Boseong-gun Boseong-gun Baekmin Art Museum (백민미술관), etc.
Yeonggwang-gun Birthplace of Baekje Buddhism (백제불교최초도래지), Yeongsan Won Buddhism Sacred Site (원불교영산성지), Yeonggwang Naesan Seowon (영광 내사서원), Noeul (Sunset Glow) Exhibition Center (노을전시관), etc.

※ Expo entrance ticket must be shown at each site. (The discounted/free entry is available only once at each site)

○ 2013 Suncheon Bay International Garden Exhibition
☞ Venue: Suncheongman Bay area Suncheon-si Jeollanam-do (339-2 Pungdeok-dong)
☞ Period: April 20 – October 20, 2013
☞ Admission

  Adults Teenagers Children Notes
Day Pass 16,000won 12,000won 8,000won  
Night-time Pass 8,000won 6,000won 4,000won Available only from June-August (17:00-21:00)
Two-day Pass 24,000won 18,000won 12,000won  
Group Pass 13,000won 10,000won 6,000won A group: 10+ people

※ Above are standard rates. Discounts will be provided for reservations.

☞ Online reservation
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