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[Korea] Get Ready for Cherry Blossoms!

  • Date03/15/2013
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The cherry blossom, Korea’s major spring flower, is expected to bloom around 8 days earlier than last year.

Cherry blossom blooming dates are decided depending on the temperature in February and March. This year, the temperature in late February and early March rose an unexpected 20 degrees Celsius from last year, accelerating the cherry blossom blooming.

As a result, cherry blossoms are expected to start blooming in Seogwipo on Jeju Island around March 17, in the southern regions around March 23 - April 1, in the central regions around April 2 - 13, and in northern Gyeonggi-do Province and the northern and mountain areas in Gangwon-do after April 13.

Since cherry blossoms usually peak around one week after blooming, the peak blooms should be around March 25 on Jeju Island, March 30 - April 8 in the southern provinces, and April 9 – 20 in the central regions.

2013 Cherry Blossom Forecasts by Region

Region Estimated Blooming Date Deviation from last year (2012)
Seoul April 9 April 15 (-6)
Chuncheon April 12 April 15 (-3)
Incheon April 13 April 19 (-6)
Gangneung April 5 April 13 (-8)
Cheongju April 7 April 17 (-10)
Daejeon April 2 April 11 (-9)
Pohang March 26 April 5 (-10)
Jeonju April 1
April 10 (-9)
Daegu March 25 April 4 (-10) 
Gwangju March 28 April 8 (-11)
Busan March 23 April 5 (-13)
Tongyeong March 28 April 5 (-8)
Yoesu March 17 April 6 (-5)
Seogwipo March 17 March 29 (-2)
※ Dates may change depending on the weather.

2013 Cherry Blossom Forecasts at Popular Cherry Blossom Sites
Region Estimated Blooming Date
Seoul Yeouido Park Yunjungno April 8
Gyeongju Bomun Lake Resort April 4
Cheongju Musimcheon Stream April 2
Hadong Ssanggyesa Temple Simni Cherry Blossom Path March 27
Jinhae Yeojwacheon Stream March 28
※ Dates may change depending on the weather

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<Estimated Cherry Blossom Blooming Date in 2013>
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Courtesy of Korea Meteorological Administration