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[Korea] Korea to Hold a Number of Music Festivals This Year

  • Date03/15/2013
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Photo Credit: Rainbow Island / World DJ Festival / Beautiful Mint Life

Winter has passed, flowers are in bloom, and festivals are on the horizon. Music festivals featuring various genres such as jazz, rock, and electronic music are becoming a major tourist attraction, drawing both international and domestic visitors.

So far, 14 music festivals have been scheduled between March and August of this year. The first one will be the ‘Seoul Live Music Festa’ on March 30, which will be held simultaneously at 5 theaters around Hongdae (Hongik University Street) in Seoul. Major festivals such as the Seoul Jazz Festival and the World DJ Festival will be showcasing amazing talents in May. Excitement levels will reach fever pitch as we approach the pinnacle of the festival season in summer with the Incheon Pentaport Festival, which was designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism as one of the ‘Up-and-Coming Festivals’ in the list of 2013 Culture Tourism Festivals of Korea.

Please refer to the list on the ‘More Info’ section below for more information about the festivals.

More Info

<Music Festivals in Korea in 2013>
Period: March – August, 2013




Seoul Live Music Festa Vol.14

March 30 

5 theaters in Hongdae, Seoul-si

Beautiful Mint Life 2013

April 27,28

Goyang Aram Nuri, Ilsan

Metal Fest 2013

May 9

Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul-si

Seoul Jazz Festival 2013

May 17,18  

Olympic Park, Seoul-si

Jarasum Rhythm & BBQ Festival

May 17,18

Jarasum, Gapyeong-gun Gyeonggi-do

Green Plugged Seoul 2013

May 17,18  

Nanji Hangang Park, Seoul-si

2013 World DJ Festival

May 17-19

Narukke Festival Park (나루께축제공원), Yangpyeong-gun Gyeonggi-do

Rainbow Island 2013

June 7-9

Namiseom Island, Gapyeong-gun Gyeonggi-do

Ultra Korea 2013

June 14,15

Olympic Park Stadium, Seoul-si

Muse in City

June 15

Olympic Park, Seoul-si

2013 Ansan Valley Rock Festival

July 26-28

Daebu Sea Breeze Theme Park (대부바다향기테마파크), Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Jisan World Rock Festival

August 2-4

Jisan Valley Ski Resort, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival

August 2-4

Songdo International city, Incheon-si

Super Sonic 2013

August 14-16  

Olympic Park Seoul-si

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