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[Korea] Documentary on Contemporary Korea Earns High Acclaim

  • Date03/07/2013
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KOREA NEXT, the five-part documentary series co-produced by the Korea Tourism Organization and Discovery Channel, is gaining global popularity.

KOREA NEXT explores the current status and future prospects of Korea by focusing on such themes as Hallyu and K-pop, royal cuisine, medicine, and information technology. The producers of the documentary series include five up-and-coming producers who had won a competition last April.

KOREA NEXT was aired on Discovery Channel in more than 20 countries, and is now available on the video sharing websites, YouTube ( and Youku (

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Episodes Descriptions Available Languages

1. Finding Hallyuwood

Half British, half Korean actor Sean Richard’s quest for the essence of Hallyu (Korean cultural wave)

English, Japanese, Chinese

2. Shaman of the Sea

Efforts to conserve the traditional shamanistic exorcism ritual, gut, in the modernized city of Incheon

English, Japanese

3. The Return of Royal Cuisine

Efforts to restore the royal cuisine of the Joseon Dynasty

English, Japanese, Chinese

4. The New Age of Medicine

Exploring the unique interface between traditional medicine that holds a thousand year mystery and modern day skincare

English, Japanese, Chinese

5. IT Land

Exploring the future of the IT powerhouse nation with a massive internet infrastructure and a high volume of smartphone users

English, Japanese, Chinese

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