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[Korea] 5 Must-See Museums in March

  • Date03/05/2013
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Photo Credit: Suncheon-si (up left)

Korea Tourism Organization has chosen five museums worth visiting in March 2013.

▲ Korean Folk Painting Museum
Located in Yeongwol-gun District of Gangwon-do Province, the Korean Folk Painting Museum showcases Korean minhwa (folk paintings) from different periods, from Joseon Dynasty to modern times, as well as the Chinese Nianhua (Chinese traditional New Year woodcut prints hung inside the house as good luck charms).

▲ Robo Life Museum
Located on the first floor of the Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence in Pohang-si City of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, the Robo Life Museum demonstrates future living environment featuring robots. Visitors can operate robots and other robotic devices.

▲ Pig Museum
Located in Icheon-si City of Gyeonggi-do Province, the Pig Museum is the second of its kind in the world after the Schweine Museum in Germany. Visitors can see real pigs doing tricks, and also participate in sausage making.

▲ Jincheon Bell Museum
Located in Jincheon-gun District of Chungcheongbuk-do Province, the Jincheon Bell Museum is the only bell museum in Korea. Visitors can learn about Korean bells in detail, ranging from the oldest bell, the Dongjong in Sangwonsa Temple (made in 725), to cute and eccentric bells for multiple purposes. Even the museum is shaped like a large Korean bell.

▲ Deep Rooted Tree Museum
The Deep Rooted Tree Museum houses the collection of cultural heritage assets by Han Chang-gi (1936-1997), the publisher of the Korean magazine “Deep Rooted Tree”. Composed of hanoks (Korean houses), the museum showcases about 800 items out of the 6,500 items it was given. Meanwhile, the magazine, launched in March 1976, will go down in the history of Korean magazines for its contribution to the sustainability of the national cultural heritage.

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Museum Information
Museum Schedule Admission Inquiries

Korean Folk Painting Museum

Open all year round

Adults: 5,000 won
Teenagers: 4,000 won
Children: 3,000 won (Korean)
+82-33-375-6100 (Korean, English)

Robo Life Museum

(Closed on Mondays)

3,000 won (Korean)
+82-54-279-0427 (Korean, Japanese, Chinese)

Pig Museum

(Closed on Mondays)

AdultsㆍTeenagers: 2,000 won
Children: 1,000 won
※ Separate fees may apply to participation in some activities. (Korean)
+82-31-641-7540 (Korean)

Jincheon Bell Museum


Adults: 1,500 won
Teenagers: 1,000 won
Children: 500 won (Korean)
+82-43-539-3847-8 (Korean, Japanese, French)

Deep Rooted Tree Museum


Adults: 1,000 won
Teenagers: 800 won
Children: 500 won

+82-61-749-8858 (Korean, English)

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