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[Korea] ‘Seongbuk Station’ is now named ‘Kwangwoon University Station’

  • Date02/18/2013
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Seongbuk Station (Seoul subway line 1) located in Wolgye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul-si will change its name to ‘Kwangwoon University Station’ on February 25.

The station has been known as Seongbuk Station for the past 50 years, named after the district it used to belong to in 1963. However, going through several administrative district changes since 1973, the district changed its name a number of times, but the name of the station always remained the same. The name change is a result of the station no longer being in the district after which it was originally named.

The new name is expected to reduce inconveniences caused by the difference between the station and district name and is expected to boost the development of nearby business districts.

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Location: 85 Wolgye-dong Nowon-gu Seoul-si
The Official Start of the Name Change: February, 25, 2013
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Courtesy of Korail (Korea Railroad)