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[Korea] Pocheon’s Meonguri Canyon Named as Scenic Site 94

  • Date02/13/2013
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Photo Credit: Cultural Heritage Administration

Meonguri Canyon, one of the places in Pocheon Gyeonggi-do with exceptionally beautiful scenery, has been designated as Scenic Site no. 94 by the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea on February 6, 2013.

Surrounded by beautiful sceneries, the 4km long canyon consists of 20-30m high vertical columns along the Hantangang River that formed as a result of columnar jointing. It also has naturally created 30 small caves and unique layers of soil, giving it high geological and geomorphologic values.

Meonguri Canyon has great things to offer and will hopefully become the Grand Canyon of Korea in the near future.

* Columnar Jointing: a geologic feature formed as a result of sudden cooling of lava.

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Courtesy of Cultural Heritage Administration