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[Korea] 20 Cultural and Sports Facilities in Busan Open during Seollal Holiday

  • Date02/07/2013
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Photo credit: The Korean Cultural & Arts Centers Association (bottom left)

20 cultural and sports facilities operated by the government such as cultural centers, art museums, museums, and the sports park will remain open during Seollal Holiday, which falls on February 9-11 this year, according to Busan Metropolitan Government.

Accordingly, exhibitions, performances, and movie screenings at those facilities will go on as usual. Chungnyeolsa Temple, BEXCO, Nurimaru APEC House, and Busan Cinema Center (영화의전당) are among those that are open during Seollal Holiday. Meanwhile, the Busan City Tour will operate on February 9 & 11, but will not be available on Seollal day(February 10).

It will be good news for people who plan to visit Busan during the Seollal Holiday.

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☞ Venues: Busan Museum of Art (부산시립미술관), Busan Cultural Center (부산문화회관), Busan Museum, Busan Sports Complex, etc.
☞ Period: February 9-11, 2013
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Courtesy of Busan Metropolitan Government