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[Korea] Gyeonggi Tourism Organization Selects 7 Best Places to Visit in Winter

  • Date01/25/2013
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Gyeonggi Tourism Organization has selected the seven best tourist winter destinations in Gyeonggi-do. Aside from great winter attractions like Hanok hotels and winter specialty restaurants, there are also places that have added health benefits such as the kiln saunas and hot springs that made it on the list.

| Hwangto Sutgama (Red clay charcoal kiln sauna), Yangju-si
The Hwangto Sutgama (Red clay charcoal kiln sauna) located in Jangheung-myeon Yangji-si is equipped with 11 charcoal kilns made in a traditional Korean way. Visitors take a heat bath inside the kiln that is still warm with the residual heat after making charcoal. This type of sauna is good for detox and the charcoal and clay is believed to have many therapeutic properties.

| Joseonwangga (Royal Residence) Hanok Hotel, Yeoncheon-gun
Joseonwangga Royal Residence, located in Yeoncheon-gun Yeoncheon-eup, is the old house of Lee Geun,  grandson of the 26th king of Joseon Dynasty, King Gojong. It was originally located in Myeongnyun-dong Jongno-gu Seoul-si, but moved to Yeoncheon in 2008 and restored, and is now operating as a hotel.

| Feelux Lighting Museum
Feelux Lighting Museum in Gwangjeok-myeon Yangju-si introduces the history, principles, and characteristics of light. It also offers special activities and programs to experience the art of lighting.

| Steamed Clam, Daebudo Island Ansan-si
Around Daebudo Island's Bangameori Beach in Ansan-si, there are many steamed clam specialty restaurants. Warm steamed clams, a delicacy of Ansan, can be enjoyed against the backdrop of sunset from the West coast.

| Baran Spa (발안식염온천) Hwaseong-si
Baran Spa consists of underground water that is formed by the inflow of seawater and fresh water due to a land deformation that occurred a long time ago. Unlike other hot seawater springs, it does not leave any sticky residue after a bath, making the skin feel smooth instead. The seawater from this hot spring is also potable, and there is a drinking fountain in the lobby. As this water contains an abundance of minerals, it is known to be effective in treating and preventing various ailments including skin and eye diseases, particularly atopic dermatitis.

| Suwon Tap-dong Ice Rink, Suwon-si
The Suwon Tap-dong Ice Rink located in Top-dong Gwonseon-gu Suwon-si is the only ice rink in Suwon to meet the international standard. It promotes skating as a popular family leisure activity and four-season sport that will enhance people’s health. This ice rink is operated all year round including holidays. The strong points of the ice rink are its low admission fee and low rental fee.

| Weisen, a Bukhansan Mountain Hot Spring, Goyang-si
Weisen Spa is located in Deokyang-gu Goyang-si. It is the first and only hot spring resort near Bukhansan Mountain in Goyang City. It is famous for its good quality water. As hot water bursts upwards from 972m underground, it contains a lot of germanium, selenium, and other minerals that are good for the skin.

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☞ List of destinations

Name Operation hours Prices Homepage / inquiries

Hwangto Sutgama
(2-9 Iryeong-ri Jangheung-myeon Yangju-si Gyeonggi-do)

Open all year round

Adults: 10,000won
Children: 7,000 won
+82-878-1020 (Korean)

Joseonwangga (Royal Residence) Hanok Hotel

Open all year round

160,000-500,000 won
+82-31-834-8383 (Korean)

Feelux Lighting Museum

Closed on public holidays

Adults: 5,000won
Children: 4,000won
(Except for special exhibition)

+82-70-7780-8911 (Korean)

Steamed Clam, Daebudo Island Ansan-si (Seongam-dong Danwon-gu Ansan-si)




Baran Spa

Open all year round

Adults - Children: 7,000 won
Preschoolers: 5,000 won
+82-31-351-9700 (Korean)

Suwon Tap-dong Ice Rink
(512 Tap-dong Gwonseon-gu Suwon-si Gyeonggi-do)

Open all year round

Adults: 8,000 won
Teenagers: 7,500 won
Children: 7,000 won
※skate rental is included

http://아이스링크.kr (Korean)
+82-31-296-3443 (Korean)

Bukhansan Mountain Hot Spring 'Weisen'
(208-7 Jichuk-dong Deogyang-gu Goyang-si Gyeonggi-do)

Closed on Mondays

Adults - Children: 6,000 won
(7,000 won on weekends & public holidays)
Preschoolers: 5,000 won

+82-2-381-5656 (Korean)

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