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[Korea] Pocheon’s Dongjangkun Festival Starts Dec 29

  • Date12/24/2012
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Photo Credit: Dongjangkun Festival Organizing Committee

The Dongjangkun Festival is back this year with more games, food, and hands-on activities. Dongjangkun means General of Winter (also known as Old Man Winter or Jack Frost), referring to `the rigors of winter'. Marking its 9th anniversary, the festival is set to take place from December 29, 2012 through January 27, 2013 at Baegun Valley in Pocheon City, Gyeonggi Province. This year's festival theme is "Winter Field Day" with a variety of events for the cold winter months.

Large ice sculptures are on display at the venue including an ice palace and the LED lights placed over the sculptures will make the venue more spectacular at night. The festival will feature winter activities including ice sledding on the frozen valley, trout ice fishing, wood-chopping, log-sawing, and bonfire-making. A unique activity, rabbit herding, is also available.

There are also food-related activities where visitors can cook and eat sweet potatoes and taste some of Pocheon’s unique delicacies. With its traditional games and food, the festival promises a memorable winter experience.

Admission to the festival is free, but fees may apply to participation in some participatory programs.

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< Pocheon Baegun Valley Dongjangkun Festival 2013 >
☞ Venue: National Tourist Complex at Baegun Valley, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
☞ Period: December 29, 2012 – January 27, 2013
☞ Admission and fees:
Admission (exclusive of some programs): Free
* Pass for 4 activities (rabbit herding, snow sledding, top spinning, ice sledding) : 14,000won
* Snow sled: 8,000won
* Ice sled: 2,000won,
* Trout ice fishing: 15,000won (adults) / 8,000won (children)
(Tickets are available at the main ticket booth or at the activity’s entrance)
☞ Homepage:
* Dongjanggun Festival website: (Korean)
*Pocheon-si Culture Tourism website: (Korean)
☞ Inquiries: +82-31-535-7242(Korean)
☞ Nearby tourist attractions: Herb Island, Sanjeong Lake, Art Valley, Gungmangbong Recreational
, View Garden
☞ 1330 Korea Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Courtesy of Dongjangkun Festival Organizing Committee