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[VisitKorea] ‘VisitKorea 2.0 QR Code Design Contest’ Winners

  • Date11/27/2012
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'VisitKorea 2.0 QR Code Design Contest' Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 'VisitKorea 2.0 QR Code Design Contest'!

Korea Tourism Organization would like to thank everyone for participating with creative ideas in the event held for promoting the VisitKorea 2.0 app, a smartphone application that contains expanded travel content and information on Korea. Moreover, thank you for your continued support of the VisitKorea website.

Prizes Winners
Jewelry Case Stanislav-ty**
Mother of pearl Case Mitchell **
Randy Kaufm**
Coasters with folk paintings 안재*

※ To protect personal information, the last few characters of each ID was marked as *.

Claiming Prizes:

To claim your prize, please email your full name, current mailing address and contact information (i.e. phone number) to by December 7, 2012.
* Failure to send the prize-claim email by the assigned deadline will result in an automatic disqualification and forfeiture of the prize.
* All costs incurred in claiming the prize must be borne by the winner.