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[Korea] Seoul Expands its Counseling Service for Foreigners

  • Date11/16/2012
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Photo Credit: Seoul Global Center

As the number of foreigners residing in Korea surpassed 400,000, the Seoul Metropolitan Government expanded its foreign language counseling service for international residents in Korea this November.

The service is offered by the Seoul Global Center (SGC) and is currently available in 9 languages. As part of the expansion, Thai has recently been added. Counseling service is offered about various topics ranging from matters requiring professional help related to business, tax, immigration and law to issues regarding everyday life such as driver’s license acquisition, credit card applications and job seeking.

For people who cannot come to receive the counseling service on weekdays, temporary counseling service centers at Mongol Town in Gwanghuidong (Seoul Junggu), Philippino street in Hyehwadong, Daerim Station in Guro-gu, and Itaewon Special Tourist Zone in Yongsang-gu are open on Sundays.

Run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, SGC is a comprehensive support center for foreigners. It has been striving to provide practical services and support to international residents in Seoul since its launch in 2008. In addition to the counseling service, the center runs diverse programs including Korean language classes, flea markets and volunteer programs.

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