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[Korea] Celadon Festival in Gangjin

  • Date06/14/2012
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The 40th annual Gangjin Celadon Festival will take place from July 28th to August 5th at the Goryeo Celadon Kiln Site in Gangjin-gun County, Jeollanam-do Province. This kiln is one of the nation’s largest producers of Goryeo celadon, an ancient Korean pottery.

This year the festival will feature a wide variety of prize-winning pieces from the National Celadon Contest and the work of local and international ceramic artists at both the professional and collegiate levels. An exciting new program introduced this summer will be a special exhibition of modern Korean celadon.

There will also be a series of hands-on activities and educational events such as ‘Making Traditional Pottery’ under the instruction of professionals, ‘On-site Celadon Auction’ after observing the process of making celadon from start to finish, and ‘Celadon Carving’ where participants may cut their own patterns or engrave personal messages in the celadon.

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The Gangjin Celadon Festival

☞ Date: July 28 – August 5, 2012
☞ Venue: Gangjin Goryeo Celadon Kiln Site
☞ Admission: 7,000 won (5,000 won for online reservation)

☞ Homepage: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
☞ Inquiries: +82-61-430 3191~4 (Korean)

☞1330 tt call center:: +82-61-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese)

Courtesy of the Gangjin-gun Festival Promotion Committee