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[VisitKorea] Korea Performance Supporters Announcement

  • Date04/05/2012
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Korea Performance Supporters Announcement

The Korea Tourism Organization is excited to announce that all applicants to “Korea Performance Supporters” have been accepted into the program.

Please sign up on the VisitKorea Community website and join the official Korea Performance Supporters forum, as all Supporters activities will be announced on the forum from here on out.

Thank you, and welcome Supporters!

• Official Name: K-Performance Supporters
• How to Join
1. Sign up on the VisitKorea website.
2. Click on “Community” at the top of the website.
3. Search for “K-Performance Supporters” (case-sensitive).
4. Join the “K-Performance Supporters” forum.

※ The “K-Performance Supporters” forum is open to the original Korea Performance Supporters applicants. The forum is accessible through the community website operated in English only.
※ Announcements will be made in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
※ Depending on their level of participation, Supporters may receive a letter of appointment and other special benefits.

International Event Team, Korea Tourism Organization