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[Korea] Korea’s Most Unique Accommodations

  • Date02/27/2012
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The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has published an accommodation guidebook that features 50 of the most unique lodging facilities in Korea.

Titled “Korea’s Most Unique Accommodations”, the guidebook contains textual and photographic information on each of the lodging facility and its nearby tourist attractions. The facilities, selected based on their accessibility, environment, nearby tourist attractions, convenience facilities and provision of a unique experience, are divided into five different themes: ‘Unique Designs Featuring Special Themes,’ ‘When Comfort Meets Convenience,’ Discovering Korea’s Traditional Culture,’ ‘Beautiful Places With Picturesque Views,’ and ‘Luxury Resort.’

The guidebooks are distributed through KTO overseas offices, and are also available in an e-book format on the VisitKorea website.

Courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization