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[Korea] Hallyu Train Tour Extends its Operation

  • Date09/09/2011
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In response to the soaring demand for the Korean Wave Express serivce from local and foreign travelers alike, KORAIL Tourism Development, a subsidiary company of KORAIL, has extended the operation of the service to March 2012. Korean Wave Express is a weekend train tour of several popular tourist attractions between Seoul and Chuncheon including Namiseom Island, Pungmul Market, Makguksu Museum and Kim Yu-Jeong House of Literature. Also, the KORAIL company will be developing a new course that makes additional stops at the Yanggu Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and So Ji-Seop Gallery.

Meanwhile, the Korean Wave Express train has been decorated with images of Korean cultural assets like talchum (mask dance), hanbok (traditional clothes) and diverse festivals, as well as of So Ji-Seop, the PR Ambassador of Gangwon-do Province on the exterior. In addition, it will be staging various performances for enhanced railroad travel experience.

Korean Wave Express
☞ Operation schedule: Saturday & Sunday (once a day), December 25, 2010–March 31, 2012
☞ Route: Seoul/Sinsangbong Station-Chuncheon Station
☞ Tour courses
- Chuncheon Tour: Namiseom - Pungmul Market - Makguksu Museum - Kim Yu-jeong House of Literature
- Hwacheon Trout Tour: Will be available during the Hawcheon Trout Festival in January
☞ Tour rate for foreign nationals: 69,000 won (Includes train transportation, tour bus transfers, ferry rides, and insurance)
☞ Reservations: +82-2-362-7722 (Korean, English, Chinese), +82-2-2084-7728 (Korean, English, Japanese)
☞ Homepage: (Korean, English)

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Courtesy of Gangwon-do Provincial Office