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[Korea] Seoul Outdoor Swimming Pools Open for the Summer

  • Date06/17/2011
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Apertura de las Piscinas Principales al Aire Libre de la Ciudad de Seúl

In response to the early arrival of summer, when temperatures rise over 30℃ during the day, outdoor swimming pools in Seoul are gearing up for their opening. In fact, high-end swimming pools at some of the major hotels like the Imperial Palace, Sheraton Walkerhill, Shilla and Hamilton are already open to the public. Meanwhile, the opening of six outdoor swimming pools by Hangang River is impending. The more affordable riverside pools in Jamsil, Gwangnaru, Jamwon, Yeouido, Ttukseom and Mangwon are expected to open in early July.

[Opening Dates of Seoul’s Major Outdoor Swimming Pools]
Per챠odo de Apertura de las Piscinas

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(Korean, English, Japanese)
Sheraton Walkerhill June 19th
(Korean, English, Japanese)
Hotel Shilla June 1st
(Korean, English, Japanese)
Hamilton Hotel May 1st
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Hangang River Ttukseom Swimming Pool

July 2nd

Ttukseom Park Station (Subway Line 7), Exit 2 or 3.

Mangwon Swimming Pool

July 2nd

Hapjeong Station (Subway Line 2 or 6), Exit 1.
Take Bus 16 or a taxi. (Taxi fare: Approximately ₩3,000)

Yeouido Swimming Pool

June 25th

Yeouinaru Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 2 or 3.

Jamwon Swimming Pool

Early July

Apgujeong Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 1.
Walk for 10min towards Hangang River Jamwon Swimming Pool\

Jamsil Swimming Pool

July 2nd

Sincheon Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 7.
Walk for 10min towards Hangang River Jamsil Swimming Pool.

Gwangnaru Swimming Pool

July 2nd

Cheonho Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 1.
Walk for 10min towards Hangang River Gwangnaru Swimming Pool.


* Schedules are subject to change.