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[Korea] 2011 Expected Blooming Season of Cherry Blossoms

  • Date03/08/2011
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This year’s cherry blossoms are expected to bloom about 3 days earlier than the previous year and also about 3 days earlier than on average.

Starting from the most southern region of Korea (in Seogwipo on Jeju-do) the cherry blossoms are expected to begin blooming around March 24th. The warm weather will make its way to the Southern Provinces a few days later, where we can expect to see the cherry blossoms in bloom between March 27th and April 5th. Central Korea will be able to enjoy the cherry blossoms from April 6th – 11th. However, Seoulites in the central mountainous areas will be the last to see the cherry blossoms in bloom, starting from April 12th.

Those wanting to go to a place famous for Cherry Blossoms should head to Jinhae or Seoul’s Yeoui-do, Yunjung-ro. Jinhae, Korea’s major cherry blossom district which holds an annual Cherry Blossom Festival, can expect to see cherry blossoms around March 30th. Blossoms are expected to make their appearance in Seoul’s Yeoui-do area in Yunjung-ro at April 8th. Make sure to take your camera if you plan to visit either of these areas while the trees are in bloom.

The cherry blossoms are expected to be in full bloom around March 31st in Jej-do, between April 3rd and 12th in the Southern Provinces, and between April 13th and 18th in the central regions. At Yunjung-ro in Seoul’s Yeoui-do, the cherry blossoms are expected to peak around April 15th.

[See chart below for expected cherry blossom dates]  

Region Date
Jeju's Seogwipo 3. 24
Busan 3. 28
Yeosu 4. 2
Tongyeong 3. 29
Gwangju 4. 2
Jeonju 4.5
Daegu 3. 31
Pohang 3. 30
Daejeon 4. 4
Cheongju 4.7
Seoul 4. 9
Incheon 4.15
Gangneung 4. 8
Jinhae 3.30
Yunjung-ro in Seoul’s Yeoui-do 4.8
Chuncheon 4.13

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Courtesy of: Korea Meteorological Administration