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[Korea] 2011, the Year of Rabbit

  • Date12/31/2010
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In just a short couple of weeks, we’ll be saying goodbye to 2010, “the year of the tiger” and be welcoming in 2011: the year of “Sinmyo,” or “the year of the rabbit.” Zodiac signs (called “띠” / “tti” in Korean) are based on the lunar year, not the calendar year, so the first day of the new zodiac year doesn’t occur until February 3rd (January 1st by the lunar year). Zodiac signs are given to people based on their year of birth and it has been widely believed that people have different personalities and luck depending on their sign. People with the zodiac sign of the rabbit are said to have a mild disposition, a warm heart, an excellent eye for good aesthetics, and the spirit of an artist.

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