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[Korea] Rainy Season to Start from the 26th

  • Date06/24/2010
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According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, this weekend (June 26-27) will bring with it the official start of the summer monsoon season, meaning heavy rain for the entire Korean peninsula.

One meteorologist said that, “The rain front had previously started moving north, but only reached the southern regions of Korea before once again moving back down south.” Forecasters predict however, that the rain front will once again be advancing up the Korean Peninsula over the weekend, hitting Jeju-do Island and the Southern regions on the 25th, and the central regions and Seoul starting from the 26th and 27th.

On Monday (the 28th) the rain is expected to let up in Seoul, but will continue down in the South, meaning that people living in southern areas (like Jeju-do Island and Chungcheong-do Province) should plan to bring their umbrellas to work with them. Although the rainy season was reported to have already started on the 17th for Jeju Island and on the 18th for the southern regions, the central regions of the mainland have yet to see their fair share of the summer rains. Meteorologists say that those in the central regions of Korea can expect the weather to get hotter and more humid in the days leading up to the fast-approaching rainy season.

If the current system stays on course, a dominant low-pressure system will cause unusually large amounts of rain in July with average summer temperatures spiking occasionally from the influence of the North Pacific high pressure system. In August, both the precipitation and the temperature will remain on par with previous years, with a few days of heavy rains due to low pressure systems moving across the nation. In September, meteorologists predict average amounts of precipitation, higher-than-average temperatures, and heavy rainfall in some regions due to low-pressure pockets and unstable atmospheric pressure.

Courtesy of: Korea Meteorological Administration