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[Korea] Everland Opens Herbivore ‘Safari World’

  • Date04/20/2010
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On March 31 (2010), Safari World at Samsung Everland opened the doors to its herbivore exhibit. Twenty-nine herbivores from 5 species (elephants, giraffes, zebras, ostriches and camels) roam around in the safari area, giving guests an up close and personal look at some of these magnificent creatures.

The new exhibit is a welcome addition to the previously-established Safari World largely featuring carnivorous animals, which was opened to the public over 30 years ago in 1976. Due to safety precautions, visitors were allowed only limited access to the animals, but now with the new safari featuring plant-eaters, visitors have a better chance to communicate with their favorite animals. Unlike conventional safaris, tourists can get off the bus during the expedition and climb up on a platform to feed the giraffes. Also, tourists can see elephants in their watering hole from just 3 meters away.

There are two kinds of safaris in Everland: one is the bus tour and the other is the ‘Special Jeep’ tour. Anyone who has a free admission ticket can enjoy the 15minute-bus safari, while a separate ticket purchase allows a group of six or less to take the ‘Special Jeep’ tour for 30 minutes. The admission fee for the special tour is 150,000 KRW per vehicle. In celebration of the grand opening of the plant-eating Safari World, Everland is increasing the frequency of the tours by roughly 50%.

Safari World is one of the most popular attractions in the theme park and during the weekend the wait may be anywhere up to one and a half to two hours. To decrease their wait time, visitors may take advantage of the park’s ‘Q Pass System.’

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