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[Korea] Come “Learn Korean with BTS”

  • Date03/31/2020
  • Hit2030

Photo: “Learn Korean with BTS” teaser (Credit: Big Hit Entertainment)

On March 24, 2020, the first episode of “Learn Korean with BTS” was released on Weverse. “Learn Korean with BTS” helps the group’s global fans learn Korean in a fun and educational way. Each clip is approximately three minutes long.

“Learn Korean with BTS” takes the group’s previous reality show and behind the scene series such as “Run BTS! (2015),” “BTS Episode,” and “BANGTAN BOMB” and turns them into an educational show. Viewers can learn Korean phrases and words commonly spoken by the members and get to know Korean culture.

With 30 in total, a new episode is released on Mondays at 9PM on Weverse. Weverse members can watch the episodes for free.

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Come “Learn Korean with BTS”

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