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  The term residence refers to a residential hotel.
The idea behind the phrase is to incorporate the comforts provided by both hotels and officetels, going one step further in ensuring total customer satisfaction.
They are gaining popularity among foreign visitors staying in Korea for long periods because of their outstanding service and affordable room rates.
A residence can be used for living as well as business purposes since it has a kitchen and three or four independent spaces.
A fitness center, restaurants, rest areas, and Internet facilities are also usually available.
Security systems are in operation 24 hours a day for the safety of residents.
Some residences are fully equipped with facilities for laundry or cooking or offer optional laundry or restaurant services. Various other services are also provided, including delivery of messages from visitors. At some residences, recreational activities are arranged so that residents can build new friendships and enjoy entertainment.  


  Short-term lease is recommended for visitors planning to stay in Korea less than one year. In Korea, a lease is usually in the form of jeonse (a deposit only) or wolse (a deposit plus monthly rent). However, both jeonse and wolse arrangements are usually for one or two years, making a short-term lease more practical in many cases for visitors planning to stay in Korea for several months but less than a year.
A deposit totaling one or two months of rent is usually paid up-front, and regular rent is paid each month. Various types of residences are available, including apartments, villas, and officetels. If you do not want to buy home appliances or furniture, a fully furnished officetel is ideal. Most officetels have basic amenities, such as a washing machine, refrigerator, and assorted furniture.

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