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The most prevalent types of accommodation in Korea are motels and yeogwans. These types of accommodations are found around bus terminals and train stations in large cities. They are inexpensive and reservations are not required (unless it is a peak season or a holiday). Though these types of accommodations offer cheap price and easy accessibility, the conditions are not necessarily pleasant.

Motels and yeogwans usually offer ondol rooms (heated floors with cushioned mats to sleep on), so if you want a Western-style room (with a bed) it is a good idea to ask in advance. Prices vary depending on location and facilities. Generally, the cost is about 30,000-50,000 won; however, prices may significantly increase during a peak season or a holiday.

* Peak Travel Seasons in Korea: April-May, July-August, & October-November
In the winter, motels and yeogwans around ski resorts fill up quickly.

- List of Motels/Inns Total:553
Type Name Region
Inn/Motel Marinabay Hotel - Goodstay (목포 마리나베이호텔 [우수숙박시설 굿스테이]) Mokpo-si Jeollanam-do
Inn/Motel Arian Hotel - Goodstay (아리안호텔) Seo-gu Incheon
Inn/Motel Feel Hotel - Goodstay (필호텔) Yangju-si Gyeonggi-do
Inn/Motel Washington Motel - Goodstay (워싱턴모텔 [우수숙박시설 굿스테이]) Mokpo-si Jeollanam-do
Inn/Motel F-1 Hotel - Goodstay (에프원(F1)호텔 [우수숙박시설 굿스테이]) Mokpo-si Jeollanam-do
Inn/Motel m Motel - Goodstay (엠버서더 모텔 [우수숙박시설 굿스테이]) Suncheon-si Jeollanam-do
Inn/Motel Jindo Hanok Pension - Goodstay (진도한옥펜션 [우수숙박시설 굿스테이]) Jindo-gun Jeollanam-do
Inn/Motel Ttangkkeut Beach Motel - Goodstay (땅끝비치모텔 [우수숙박시설 굿스테이]) Haenam-gun Jeollanam-do
Inn/Motel Pine Beach Golf Hotel - Goodstay (파인비치골프호텔 [우수숙박시설 굿스테이]) Haenam-gun Jeollanam-do
Inn/Motel Hotel Sol - Goodstay (솔호텔 [우수숙박시설 굿스테이]) Jeonju-si Jeollabuk-do

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