Venerable Beop-hyeon
Yeongsanjae Cultural Heritage Bearer
“Yeongsanjae is a sacred Korean Buddhist ceremony. It is held in an elaborately decorated place with beautiful music and dance performed by monks to comfort the souls of the dead. If you watch the Yeongsanjae ceremony, you will feel your body and mind become solemn and even reverent.” See More
Yeongsanjae Intangible Cultural Heritage 2009 A traditional Korean Buddhist ritual, and an art that encompasses enlightenment and fulfillment. A ceremony to guide the souls of the dead to Paradise, Yeongsanjae expresses Buddha’s preaching on Vulture Peak in India 2,600 years ago through music and dance. The ceremony is held in an elaborately decorated place with Buddhist songs called “beompae” and dances called “jakbeop.” The various types of dances include barachum (cymbal dance), nabichum (butterfly dance) and beopgochum (drum dance). Yeongsanjae is performed at temples throughout Korea, with the biggest ceremony held in Seoul’s Bongwonsa Temple.