Make Bibimbap and Win Great Prizes!
Bibimbap is definitely one of Korea's most beloved signature dishes, and now you can learn how to make bibimbap through a fun mini-game. Simply collect the right ingredients in order to make a delicious bibimbap. Winners who will be randomly selected and exciting prizes will be given away. 
	  ○ Event Period: November 12 - December 2, 2012 
	  ○ Announcement of Winners: December 11, 2012 (VisitKorea website's 'News' Section) 
	  ○ How to Participate:
		1. Log in to VisitKorea 
		2. Click 'Participate' button. 
		3. Read the game introduction and instructions, then click 'Start Game.'

	   * Note
		- You can participate as many times as you like.
		- The number of times you played, the highest level you cleared, and the accumulated     score would be considered when choosing winners.
○ Prize

	Hangeul Gift Set 
	(Lie Sang Bong Hangeul necktie & Hangeul scarf, Hangeul hand mirror, Hangeul business card wallet)
	(5 winners)

	Korean Book Set
	(Korea guide book, Korean picture dictionary, Korean text books)
	(7 winners)

	Traditional Souvenirs
	(Wooden hand mirror, music box)
	(15 winners)
○ How to Play 
	- Catch the ingredients falling from the sky using the arrow keys on the keyboard to make Bibimbap as required.
	- You are given 8 hearts when you start. When you lose all 8 hearts, the game is over. 
	- Every time you catch a wrong ingredient for your bibimbap, you lose one heart. 
	- You have 1 minute to make 1 Bibimbap. If you fail to catch all the ingredients needed in 1 minute, you will lose 2 hearts.